Aspire Support Ltd


 iMatter Staff Survey 22/4/22-13/5/22:

Survey Summary

About You


About Your Team


About Aspire


About You

1. I have enough support and information to do my job well. (4.4)
2. I am confident my ideas are listened to and acted upon (4.3)
3. l am treated fairly and as an individual. (4.6)
4. My work gives me a sense of achievement l. (4.3)
5. I get enough helpful feedback on how well I do my job l. (4.2)

What are we doing well to support you?


By reg checks & calls also supervision

By giving me regular supervisions. Activity listening to my concerns and working with me to find solutions to various different issues that I encounter. Encouraging progression by giving me further tasks and more learning opportunities.

Lots of team support.

The supervision’s are a great time to talk about how I’m feeling in any way and they have given me a number to call if I ever need to which has helped me

Admission has been amazing putting up with me.

You buy me cider and give me eggs

Always available for support if required.

Responding to emails and messages fast.

Offering courses for development

Great communication

You listen and move things around to support the staff and their needs.

Scope for autonomous practice, huge value placed on investment in the team training and cohesion

Lots of training and very understanding

Fortnightly supervisions, accommodating rotas. My deputy manager has offered me lifts to work numerous times and is very approachable. Directors regularly cover work on scheme and I feel I have a good sense of who they are individually.

Supervisions and Appraisals…


Feel like I’m listened to when the directors are on site.

Some assistance was given when I was the only non agency person working

Respond fast and clear

How could we improve our support?

Just by doing what your doing already

Carry on with the support given

Nothing you’ve been amazing.

Keep doing what your doing.

Regular, consistent supervisions.

Improved infrastructure of induction, Access training (already underway)

More physical contact / visits.

Try to ensure 3 Team members per shift

About Your Team

1. My team works well together. (4.5)
2. I would recommend my team as a good one to be a part of (4.6)
3. My managers care about my health and wellbeing. (4.6)
4. The managers for my team are approachable. (4.5)
5. I am confident that performance is managed well within my team. (4.2)

What do your team do well?


By always being supportive and friendly to one another. Encouraging good and professional work practices. Making the individual we support the centre of the world we operate in and always adhering to the values that we promote as a team. Yes, we are great.

Everyone has a great individual personality that mixes very well in the team. There is great communication and support within each other

Very welcoming

Support and work together.

Support the individual with a person centred approach

Work together and help each other

Ensure that our service users needs are being met and his well-being is prioritised.

Caring, hugely invested in our client, ambitious, responding g incredibly well to initial period of finding our feet

Share responsibilities

We are all good eggs. Give each other pep talks when needed. Cover during sickness, have a genuine interest in the person we support and their general well being and are in the role for the right reasons. Professional over group chats, share ideas, good time keeping. Diane goes above and beyond to give the non drivers lifts home.

Communicate kindly.

Looking out for each other

Look after the client & support each other.

Support each other, in regards to work issues or out of work issues.

Put the service user 1st

How could your team improve?

Don’t need to as all very good

By making goals for the team to achieve as a whole for the individual we support. This could help to develop more of a team identity and encourage staff to work together more productively.

Consistent use of good agency.


Consistency of aspire staff.

Communication of subtle changes in practice, confidence in their skill in growing to know our client

Message directly on Connect more often perhaps?


Communicate between ourselves better. Don’t rush into hasty snap decisions, consider the rationale beforehand.

Be more consistent with their hours

Greater awareness of the unpredictable behaviour of the client

All work the same, i.e same message to service user, consistency

About Aspire

1. I would be happy for a friend or relative to be supported by Aspire. (4.2)
2. I would recommend my team as a good one to be a part of (4.4)
3. I feel the organisation cares about my wellbeing (4.5)
4. I know the organisational Values. (4.5)
5. I feel safe to raise concerns and feel confident they will be acted on (4.4)

What do Aspire do well as an organisation?

Just everything also very supportive too

Making staff feeling valued and treated with respect. Regularly recognised for their contributions. Always honest, friendly, encouraging and very competent.

They are focused on the individual that is under there support and are great towards the staff. Supporting staff in training and further course opportunities

Come across like real people

It offers a personal approach and flexible work life

Support and listen to staff.

Support individuals

Communication. Understand the client and their needs

Support their team members and ensure that the service users are the centre of their care.

Open to feedback, with responses following

Very supportive and fair

Aspire encourage ideas and for all staff to have a input. I feel cared for by my employers and team and like my future is brighter having taken this job. Aspire take chances on people and give them opportunities other care companies would not. They offer a very good wage I feel I can live on. They plan well and give plenty of notice if something is changing. They engage well with the person I support and he is clearly very comfortable in there presence and looks forward to seeing them.

Care and Manage.

Listen to staff

Seem to have ambition about the future with our fellow service user, but really need to hire some full time staff that can cover weekends etc and not give people that aren’t consistent with their shifts what they want.

When assistance was needed, someone came promptly


How could Aspire Improve as an organisation?

They do well as it is

Hourly breakdowns in payslip!!🙎


Give staff the opportunity to work with other clients around Devon and Cornwall within the organisation.

They already stand out as being a little bit special & different to other care organisations.

More regular 1:2:1 contact

Having more interaction with their staff, night staff mainly. I feel night staff are left out of the loop and blamed for things. Also getting us back online for handovers etc, and non paper daily logs. Very tedious. – one last thing, we need on call to be in the county or at least Devon area if not, close enough that they could come to work if needed. Maybe asking members of the team to step up, with extra pay for the role.

Improve behavioural analysis of client

More staff that actually have experience with challenging behaviour and autism.

What will Aspire do Now?



Update June 2022

Organisational Growth

Give staff opportunity to widen their experience

We have 2 people who we would like to start supporting in 2022, but our existing teams and quality of care remains our priority.

More Physical Contact and visits

Regular team meetings

Recorded Quality visits by Directors

More Regular consistent Supervisions

Monthly team meetings have been scheduled with goal setting, communication and care plan reviews as a standing agenda items.

The first of then quarterly visit will start this month

We have a new staff and shift  planning system being built as we speak which will help us keep track.

Experienced staff teams, reduced agency use

Improved training and induction


We have partnered with a training and apprenticeship agency Dynamo Healthcare and are developing a number of bespoke Aspire pathways

Leadership and specialist Lv2 courses are now  available across the teams.We have 3 apprenticeships and 3 trainers currently onboarding

We are involved in creating a youth initiative programme and have registered with the home office to start overseas recruitment. The refer a friend scheme has been excellent so far.

Staff wellbeing

Hourly Wage slips

Living wage

We can not change the format of the wage slips but moving the team to salaried monthly payments will help.

We will be introducing a flexible earning scheme in June that allow staff to have early access to their monthly wages.

Evidenced based support

Data analysis of needs and monthly MDT reports

Introduction of electronic record keeping system across services in July will facilitate evidence driven reporting and will enable circles of support to have direct access to important updates and incidences in real time